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“When a bird learns new ways to fly, the hunter learns new skills to shoot”

We have successfully developed new skills to smile to the bank regularly. That’s what our VIP is all about.

The VIP package gives you a 100% success rate and satisfaction. That’s why it is termed “The winners lounge”. What you get here are quality and highly rated tips. You can never get this expertise anywhere. Become a winner today by subscribing to this package. Let’s show you that winning bets can really be a habit and also fun. 

The proofs are there. Massive winnings come day in, day out with our 2 to 5 juicy daily odds and our Inplay tips.

We know the game of soccer, we know the teams involved, we follow the players stats and we take note of H2H records between teams. That’s why our tips are top notch when compared to other prediction websites out there. 

No long talks! No gimmicks!! Just play with the champs and win win win!!!


On-time Tip Delivery

Tips are delivered more than 12 hours earlier to all subscribers before the start of the matches which enables them to stake on time, either online or offline.

Popular Markets

Tip ranges from 2 to 5 odds. These tips are from popular markets which can be found on any sport bookmaker you choose to play with.

High Accuracy

The tips are well selected and personally checked by the betryte team of tipsters. You are sure to get 99% positive outcome always.

Max Profit

With our renowned record of 5 wins out of 7 days to say the least, maximum profit is assured with our VIP plan. You payout more often than normal.

About our VIP-Inplay

The tips you’ll get here is only for live matches, which means that the tips come in when the matches have already started. 

Believe me when I tell you that this VIP addon is the real deal. The money making machine you’ll ever desire to experience. We are 100% sure that this will enrich you if you play along as directed. There have been testimonies upon praises from all VIP subscribers and we are certain you’ll be next to testify when you join too.

Note: To enjoy this addon, there are things you must be equipped with. These prerequisites are:


1. 1XBET account. (We only drop 1XBET Codes. You can register by clicking on this link and use this promo code [1x_63217] to get 100% bonus when you fund your account. Just copy the code in yellow and paste it in the required space during 1XBET registeration)

2. A smartphone with at least 15hrs active and enabled data on daily basis (Codes can drop anytime from 9:00 – 22:00 GMT)

3. Whatsapp application installed with background notification properly setup.

Once you’ve met the above requirements, you’re good to go. We have never felt happy like this before. It really feels good when your subscribers compliment your good deeds. The Inplay tips is here to make you smile always. The winnings are out of this world. Making money in betting has never been this easy. One of our valued subscriber said that he can earn his monthly salary with it. He spoke out of joy and excitement. You can be excited as well. All you need is to meet the aforementioned requirements, subscribe to our VIP package now and start experiencing unending success.




Good Odds

Total odds per day is not definite. It can be anything but substantial. The odds are dropped one by one as the matches begin.

Simple Markets

The markets covered are very simple to make everyone earn because they deliver before the end of each match.

High Accuracy

Accuracy is always 99.999999% to 100%. Our picks hardly or never disappoints. That's why we receive much praises about it.

Max Profit

The highest fail record we have had was 1 in 10 days. Do your calculations and see that max profit is 100% guaranteed.


1. Select “VIP” plan by clicking on this link.

2. Complete your registration and confirm it via email (Make sure the phone number you filled in is the same as your Whatsapp number)

3. Make your payment according to the directive sent to your mailbox.

4. Your subscription will be activated instantly on the confirmation of your payment.

5. We will then add you to the group with the number you filled in during registration, once your payment has been confirmed.

Price is per month.